Brooklyn Community Foundation: Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund – RFP
The Brooklyn COVID-19 Response Fund will provide grants of up to $10,000 for nonprofits that work towards racial equality, center the voices of those impacted by structural racism, and are led by members of affected communities. The Fund is accepting immediate response grant applications for organizations prioritizing anti-stigma efforts, prevention measures, food access, and low-wage worker support. Organizations in Brooklyn will be given priority.

New York Community Trust: NYC COVID-19 Response and Impact Fund
The NYC COVID-19 Respond & Impact Fund will provide grants ranging from $250,000 to $3 million to aid nonprofit organizations struggling with the economic and health effects of the coronavirus. The fund is prioritizing nonprofits addressing healthcare, food insecurity, arts, and culture. The fund will help support needs like protective equipment, cleaning supplies, technological assistance, and support for financial losses.

Trinity Church: COVID-19 Emergency Response Grants
The COVID-19 Emergency Response Grant will provide one-time grants of up to $25,000 for current grantees who are working with communities that are disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

Center for Disease Philanthropy: CDP COVID-19 Response Fund
The CDP COVID-19 Response Fund will provide grants to help build the capacity of nonprofit organizations that serve vulnerable populations, such as immigrants, seniors, hourly workers, and people with disabilities.

No Kid Hungry: Coronavirus Grant
No Kid Hungry will provide emergency grants to local school districts and nonprofit organizations that support local nutrition programs.

Bloomberg Philanthropies: NYC COVID-19 Response and Impact Fund
The NYC COVID-19 Response and Impact Fund will provide grants and interest-free loans to small and mid-size nonprofits to help them respond to emerging needs, cover losses associated with the disruption of their operations, and help them continue their critical work.

Robin Hood Foundation: COVID-19 Relief Fund
The COVID-19 Relief Fund will provide immediate response grants averaging $45,000 to support New York City nonprofits that serve vulnerable populations. The grants’ priority is to fund nonprofits that provide and expand emergency assistance, are at risk for gaps in government contracts, have incurred unexpected expenses, and are at the front lines of this work. This is a rolling application.

North Star Fund: Future of Organizing Fund
The Future of Organizing Fund will provide grants to support direct assistance and grassroots organizing in response to the impacts of COVID-19 in the NYC and Hudson Valley communities.

Korean American Community Foundation: COVID-19 Community Action Fund
The COVID-19 Community Action Fund will provide grants to current and past grantees ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 on a rolling basis until the end of the year. This grant’s priority is to help organizations increase their ability to provide critical services to low-income Korean/Asian Americans families and individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nonprofit Finance Fund: NYC COVID-19 Response & Impact Fund
The NYC COVID-10 Response & Impact Fund will provide interest free loans ranging from $100,000 to $3 million to New York City nonprofits, The grants priority is to fund nonprofits in the human services, with particular interest in those supporting essential healthcare, food delivery, homeless services, workforce development, educational support, and early childhood education, and arts and culture. These loans are geared toward nonprofits with an annual revenue between $750,000 and $20 million (excluding revenue from the government). Eligible organizations must also currently receive New York City or New York State Funding.

Open Road Alliance: Open Road Impact Fund (Charitable Grants)
The Open Road Impact Fund will provide a one time grant of up to $100,000 to support nonprofits that are directly contributing to ‘flattening the curve’ in their community, thereby limiting, shortening, or minimizing the economic and social, and health effects of the pandemic. This grant is available to organizations in any geography and in any sector. Applications that show clear, demonstrable, and deep impact will be given priority.

Open Road Alliance: Open Road Impact Fund (Loans)
The Open Road Impact Fund will be offering one-time fixed, low-interest loans to organizations that are rescheduling/postponing their fundraising events until later this year. Organizations with an annual revenue of $1 million or less are eligible for a $50,000 loan and organizations with an annual revenue over $1 million are eligible for a $250,000 loan. Interest on these loans are 1-2% simple interest and final principal repayment is due by December 31, 2020.