Is Ear Pain a Symptom of COVID? Stay Alert!

COVID pain in ear

Just a few weeks ago, my cousin called me, worried about a sudden pain in her ear. With the pandemic still a prevalent topic of discussion, her first thought was, “Could this be related to COVID-19?” We all have these moments, right? Unexpected symptoms pop up, and in the age of information (and sometimes misinformation), … Read more

Why COVID Causes Dizziness, and What to Do About It: Unveiled!

Dizzines Covid Woman

Dizziness is increasingly recognized as a prevalent symptom among those infected with COVID-19. This unsettling sensation can arise from multiple causes, such as inflammation in the inner ear, which plays a pivotal role in balance and hearing. Damage to the vestibular nerve, a critical component in transmitting balance signals from the ear to the brain, … Read more